Staycation Competition


We are super excited to announce that we have launched our loyalty program, 'Spring Bucks'. To celebrate this auspicious occasion we are giving away a staycation at the highest hotel in the city. The winner & their plus one will be spending a night in a Deluxe Victoria Harbour Room at the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong.


How do I win the staycation?

The person with the most Spring Bucks wins! 

Starting 25th May and ending on the 30th June, all Spring Bucks that you accumulate go towards your total for the competition.

How do I earn Spring Bucks?

There are many ways to earn Spring Bucks, from creating your account, purchasing wine, referring a friend, product reviews, following us on social media &you'll also receive points on your birthday!

How many Spring Bucks do I earn for different activities?

You will earn 5 Spring Bucks for every dollar spent.

20,000 Spring Bucks for referring a friend.

500 Spring Bucks per product review - limited to max 5 / week.

500 Spring Bucks for following us on Instagram or liking our Facebook page.

10,000 Spring Bucks on your birthday! 

What's the best way to earn Spring Bucks?

The best way to earn Spring Bucks is by referring a friend, not only does your friend get 15% off their first purchase but you are awarded 20,000 Spring Bucks when they order (minimum $500).

20,000 Spring Bucks sounds cool but what is that actually worth?

20,000 Spring Bucks awards you free wine to the value of $360.

How do I create a Spring Bucks account?

 If you previously created an account when making an order than you already have a Spring Bucks account. Simply go to our website and login by either selecting the sign-in option on the home page or via the Spring Bucks widget on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Click the following link to go straight to our account log-in / creation page. The login details for your website account & the Spring Bucks loyalty account are interchangeable.

What about my previous purchases, do I get points for those?

Absolutely! We're feeling extra generous, not only are we giving away a staycation but we have manually allocated points to your account to reflect your previous purchases.

I have purchased before but didn't create an account, will I be allocated points for those purchases?

Yes! All you have to do is create an account using the same email address you used while making your previous purchases. Click on the 'sign-in' link on the main menu or Spring Bucks widget on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Once you log-in you will have all your points from previous purchases. Click the following link to go straight to our account log-in / creation page. The login details for your website account & the Spring Bucks loyalty account are interchangeable. 

How do I claim rewards?

After logging into your account, either via the main menu or Spring Bucks widget, click on the Spring Bucks widget then select rewards. The different rewards available including cash vouchers and free products will be displayed. When you claim a reward it will deduct the relevant amount of points from your tally and the available reward will be displayed on the home page of the loyalty program. When you click on the available reward, a unique discount code is generated. This discount code remains available to you until used during checkout. In the case of selecting a free product as your reward be sure to add it to your cart and then during checkout paste the discount code into the relevant box to claim the reward. Note, only one discount code is allowed per order.

When does the competition start?

The competition starts immediately and ends at mid-day on the 30th of June.

Are any of my points excluded from the competition?

Yes, in order to level the playing field, manually allocated points for purchases made prior to the launch of the Spring Bucks loyalty program are not counted towards winning the staycation. Also, in order to avoid an entire customer base with June birthday's ;) points awarded for birthdays won't count towards the competition. 

When is the staycation?

The staycation is on the 31st of July.

When is the winner announced?

The winner will be announced shortly after the competition closes on the 30th June.

If I win can I change the date of the staycation? 

Unfortunately not. The staycation is set for a fixed date and can not be changed, if you win & aren't available on this date you'll have to gift it to a friend.

Any other terms & conditions I should know about?

The staycation prize covers the cost of the room for one night. Check-in & check-out times are as per the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong's standard times. Any further charges incurred whilst staying at the hotel such as meals, drinks, spa treatments etc will be the responsibility of the person/s staying at the hotel. No family member of a Springbok Wines employee is eligible to win the competition and / or be taken along as a 'plus one' by the winner.