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Who We Are

How it started

Wine sellers by day & pilots by night, long time friends Abilio & Alan, took the time opportunity that the pandemic presented to start a passion project. Having both lived in Hong Kong for just under four years they were impressed by the incredible array of wines from across the globe available at the City's bars and restaurants. However, they felt frustrated by what seemed like a lack of representation of wines from their home country, South Africa. 'We love all wines but we knew there were many incredible producers back home whose wines weren't available in Hong Kong so we took matters into our own hands'.

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How we select our wines

Independent Winemakers

When you're not tied to a geographic location you have the ability to source the best grapes from various regions. When you work for yourself you have the freedom to be creative, innovative and push the boundaries.

Family-Owned Estates

When it's your legacy in the bottle you go the extra mile, family run estates have a greater purpose. They symbolise heritage, the winemakers running them have a responsibility to those who came before them.

Limited Production

Made in small quantities, made by hand

A shared philosophy

At first glance it may seem that independent winemakers & family owned estates are at conflict with one another but they have a lot more in common than meets the eye. The producers we seek out share a common philosophy, minimal intervention winemaking. Mass produced wines tend to have many preservatives and additives blended in which mask many characteristics of the grapes. It's like listening to music on a distorted speaker. When you take a hands off approach in the cellar you allow the grapes & the soil to showcase their subtle characteristics, it gives the wine authenticity, defines it's profile, gives it sense of place! It's turning up the volume to your favourite song on a premium sound system, crisp & clear!

To afford yourself the luxury of 'sitting back' in the wine cellar you have to be prepared to put in a great amount of hard work in advance. We have heard it time and again from our suppliers, great wines start in the vineyard. Sustainable farming practices and the use of little to no pesticides are the order of the day. To do this you need winemakers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Winemakers who are driven by passion & care over commercial incentives. We're talking quality not quantity. We believe these wines showcase the best South Africa has to offer & we can't wait to share them with you.