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De Grendel Noble Late Harvest 2020

Type: De Grendel

Produced using Sauvignon Blanc grapes that are naturally infected by a bacteria known as Botyitis or Noble Rot. This occurs when ripe grapes are exposed to moisture, the bacteria drys out the grapes leaving them looking more like raisons. This causes the relative sugar content in the remaining juice to be higher and just like that you have a dessert wine. The result? Dried Apricot, honey, marmalade, lemon curd flavours. An indulgent treat that pairs perfectly with a something sweet or if you're feeling adventurous we recommend pairing it with a big blue salty cheese like Roquefort.


Platters Wine Guide - 92 points

De Grendel

De Grendel translates to 'the latch' in Dutch. The farm earned this name as early settlers travelling from the interior of the Cape had to follow roads to the farm before heading towards the city & the harbour, thus it became known as gate or the latch to the City. Located on the foothills of the Tygerberg mountain, a mere 20 minute drive from Cape Town, it is one of the closet Wine Estates to the City. In the early 2000's the farm was given a brand new wine cellar, during the design phase Sir David Graaff had the architect consult a Taiwanese Geomancer resulting in what we believe to be the only Feng Shui wine cellar in the country! The estate has earned a reputation for producing exceptional red wines including their flagship Bordeaux-style red blend the Rubaiyat and Sauvignon Blanc.

The Graaff Family

If we had to sum up De Grendel in one word it would be Heritage. The estate has been around since 1720 and in the care of the Graaff family since the 1891. They have played a defining role in the South African political, social and business landscape for over three generations. The achievements of this family are too many to list in a short article like this, but include highlights such as being a signatory at the Treaty of Versailles, dancing with Princess Elizabeth on her 21st birthday in Cape Town, and leading the charge against the Apartheid government as the leader of the official opposition in the South African parliament. Fortunately for us, the later generations of the family have shifted their focus to wine.