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Spider Pig 'Piggy Back' Pinot Noir 2017

Type: Spider Pig

On the Pigs Back ‘ is basically an Irish saying for doing really well, really really well. Who’s up for a Piggy Back ride then? Put your arms and hands around this bottle, hold tight and enjoy the ride down the flavour slide. Don’t fall into the Barrel. This little Piggy is Back!

Spider Pig Wines

When you think of Spider Pig you might think of a fictional character from The Simpsons Movie, we think innovation. Spider Pig is an idea, a philosophy, a vision! Inspired by the concept of independent winemaking, the guys at Spider Pig have created something special. Each wine in the range is crafted by a different winemaker, when they want a rosé they find a winemaker that makes good rosé! The winemaker is then given total freedom to source the grapes they want and to create the wine they want. So who are the winemakers behind all these wines? Well... we're not allowed to say. The whole point of Spider Pig is that it's not about the winemaker or an estate, it's about eliminating pretence, preconceived ideas and focusing on what really matters. A great glass of wine!