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Pineapple Express

Type: Swerwer

Before the monks of Champagne perfected the Méthode Traditionnelle we had the Méthod Ancestral. Wines using this method are known as Pétillant Naturel or 'natural bubbling'. These old schools bubblies are commonly referred to Pet-Nat's by the cool kids. This method of making bubbles has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to the natural wine making scene which is constantly gaining momentum. No prizes for guessing the flavour profile of this wine, it is fresh & fruity - perfect for summer time pool-side sipping. 

Swerwer Wines

Swerwer Wines are produced by winemaker JC Wickens based in the Swartland winemaking region. Jasper is a young, passionate, fun-loving guy who isn't afraid to do things a little differently. He can usually be found in his wine cellar working away with 80's rock playing in the background. During his early winemaking days he used to 'migrate' from harvest to harvest in different winemaking regions in the world including the US, Spain & France. These frequent travels not only gave him invaluable winemaking experience but also earned him the nickname 'Swerwer' meaning Wanderer in Afrikaans.